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Quality Afterschool Self-Assessment

Welcome to the Hawai'i Quality Program Self-Assessment

The Hawai'i Quality Afterschool Guidelines is a collaborative project of the Hawai'i Afterschool Alliance, Hawai'i Department of Education, Hawai'i Department of Health, Hawai'i Department of Human Services, afterschool program providers, and experts in education, business and youth development.

The Hawai'i Quality Program Self-Assessment is a tool that was developed to improve the quality of out-of-school time programs.

Programs seeking to measure and track their progress using the Hawai'i Quality Afterschool Guidelines can use the FREE online Hawai'i Quality Program Self-Assessment. Organizations and programs can create reports, compare results over time and aggregate results from multiple sites. The results are linked to resources to help improve the quality of the program.

The Hawai'i Afterschool Alliance only has access to overall data (not organization/program data). This data is used to support professional development opportunities for the field.